Blunder Wars

The Ardent Calamari

Intro Adventure

Lost amongst the stars Crepoo Poodorean and his trustworthy sidekick of an Ewok, Teebus, have landed a docking spot aboard Ardent Calamari. This large deep-space faring super flotilla-craft houses over ten thousand sentient beings. Built from multiple Mon Calamarian ships through time this vessel is capable of jump light speeds and the ability to house hundreds of vessels freighter sized and smaller.

Caught between an Imperial tangle with a sudden Star Destroyer jump into the system, Ardent Calamari was made to stand down and wait to be boarded for inspection of hostile forces. Luckily most of an under-cover op to lure in and attack the SD had been underway for months and now the plan was going in to effect. When Creppoo and Teebus step off the Mastadonian they are greeted by an unexpected squad of Imperial Storm Troopers.

Marching in like they own the place the Commander of the troops quickly disperses his men amongst the large multi-leveled, layered, and structured reachable landing ports. A few troopers eventually start lining people up on the flight deck demanding paperwork and documentation of ownership amongst the captains and crew. Soon a storm trooper is in Creppoo’s face, wagging his fanger at him and poking him in the chest.

Not soon after all hell breaks loose as under-cover Spec-Ops start to perform their timed sweep of Ardent Calamari and backwards hi-jack the Star Destroyer that appeared in the system. As one Rebel’s turn over and suddenly everywhere blaster-bolts are frying the airwaves. Creppoo and Teebus take full advantage of the situation attacking the outnumbered troopers and whittling their numbers down to 0.

Before long Rebellion heavy troops were sweeping hallways with lasers guided missiles and heavy-e-web repeaters. The small crew of the Mastadonian was thankful for their fateful ecounter and left. Not long after Creppoo plotted a random point in the stars and hit the jump button.



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