Maxter Computerers


The Maxter Computerer Corporation makes its dough from ship tuning and modification to travel systems. The Computerer company is essentially 100% Duro and thus have strong pride in their scientific work. The programmers also get the option to test fly their contraptions and the craft the civilians plan to use for a testy conclusion to the job.

Crepoo plans extremely complicate space flights and can code nab computer databases for days. Which didn’t surprise Maxter, the head honcho, when he realized Crepoo hadn’t returned in a while. After a long time and dealing that the price tag on the ship that was missing would dent Maxter Computerers severely, and cut into pay checks this next pay day. Being an honest businessman, the creator of the company decided to extract some revenge. For just a few credits he put Crepoo’s head on the open market.

Crepoo on the other hand enjoys a large and spacious unmodified stock YT-1300, fully fueled and loaded with enough supplies. The important thing though is the fried element of chicken tasting foods on board, which fuel the captain. If not fried foods, then definitely shrimp. If neither, well its time to go fishing then.

Maxter Computerers

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