The Emperor’s steel grip on the whole of the galaxy has been shattered. Thanks to the brave heroics of all the individuals working within the Rebellion the galaxy has entered a new period. One in which the destinies of a few will be challenged.

Due to this incredible cosmic fiasco certain people still in line with the Empire use retained control of fleets, garrisons of Storm Troopers, and space stations to secure sectors of space. Anywhere the Imperials still pose a viable threat, they have taken to extreme security measures. The inner circle of Imperial Officers still maintaining some semblance of control in their pockets of space bicker and vie for leadership rights.

As the galaxy holds it’s breathe the very fabric of the Empire slowly unravels throughout known space. Due to such a large fluctuation in the force many force wielders have come out of hiding – both light and dark. With the absence of most Imperial military vessels and troops Crime Lords, offering “protection” from hostilities taken on by lawless bandits and raiders, have so far been the only measures of control to keep masses from rioting and despair.

The particulars of what will happen with the future now rests in the hands of each individual responsible for it. New innovations and ideas spurn an age of reason, and abandons an age of imperialistic logic. The galaxy hangs on a deadly pendulum as many forces, both seen and unseen, usurp for power.

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Blunder Wars

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